rcx2100 sent me the latest beta of his Chess game for the GP32. Heres some info from the readme:

    When you start, select either New Game, or Load Game. New Game will give you a list of things to select, select the values you want, then select Go! Load Game will load the game, and the level (and any other things like time in next versions) will be the same as it was when you saved it (if it is a save from a previous version, the level will be 4, the level the previous versions were on.) To move pieces, select it with the pointer, press a, then move to dest square, then press a. Press b to cancel the move. When you press start, you get a list of options, they should be obvious (remember, there is only one savespace, and you have to have the folder GPCHESS in GPMM to save)

Download GPChess fromGP32Emu. Please give some feedback, bug reports etc via our forum posthere.