Here is the new version of Doom that I posted about on Friday on GP32Emu, please read the information and download the correct FXE as there are some problems with using it on GP32s with Multifirmware. Heres the details:

    *NOTE: IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS RUNNING DOOM2 GET THE MULTIFIRMWARE VERSION – It has all the optimisations removed but it works – quick fix, still60FPS.- Well, its 350% faster, good enough? Doom 2 should be 60fps you can even choose to go over that and have a blast at 80fps if you want to.- If anything slows down its just because its reading from the SMC.- The speed increase is of course because the previous versions were running at 40MHZ – you can now choose your CPU speed, the menu explains the advantages of each speed. Its defaulted to 133MHZ.- Unfortunately the GP32 sound bug has reared its head at 133mhz, thats why its a bit clicky.- However the horrible sound breaking randomly bug is fixed :)- Just a note on weapons changes – you may think pressing l/r and nothing happening is a bug – its similay that you don’t have that weapon, just press again, if the next weapon up exists you will get it etc.

Downloads of the new release can be found onGP32Emu. Feel free to discuss this new release via our forums posthere.