Image provided by: woogalwoogal informed us about a new version of the gpQuake port. You can grab the new version from: Changes:

0.4Removed gamma bug, water bug. Enabled particles and gamma during game (brightness control and flashing effects). Timing fixed (added RTC from Mr.Spiv). Game will run at correct pace on all clockspeeds. FPS counter added. Mods supported (both .pak and loose file types). Autoexec.cfg and other config file loading. – Configuration is saved when quitting through quit. Game saving/loading (current buggy – saved game list will disappear at random). Initial demo playback disabled but operational (On main Quake demos cause a crash when starting game, but on some mods they work fine). – Playdemo command renamed to gpplaydemo for those that really want to see demos. Added launcher app – Clockspeed (133-256mhz). – Graphic detail. – FPS counter toggle. – Mods selector. – Turbo mode toggle Changed menu to support A,B,START. New keymapping: – L: , (default strafe left) – R: . (default strafe right) – L+R: K_INS (+unpress L,R) (default keyboard look) Full chatboard support (can be used in game, not just console). Fixed input when trying to start new game.