News taken from GP32emu:

Very early release of my own Dragon emulator. Good enough to play Chuckie Egg on, and probably much more besides. This is Free Software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence. Requires SDL. No joystick support. Now I’ve made a GP32 version! It’s even less featureful than the SDL one at the moment. If you save a snapshot from the SDL version after typing RUN or EXEC but before pressing enter, you can load it into the GP32 version (you have to do this because my snapshot format saves no state beyond registers and RAM at the mo). Only good for games that use cursor keys and shift or space (or enter, but that’s on a shoulder button so less handy), as that’s all I’ve emulated so far!. Put dragon.rom and snap.sna into gp:/gpmm/dragon. Not quite full speed yet, and no sound. Some optimisation to be done.