DJWillis waskind enough to post some WIP news on his homepage regarding his SCUMM port for the GP32. Here are the lines taken from his homepage:

Regarding the status of gpScumm, here is a little WIP. I have the ph0x?s/my code working well enough on the ScummVM 0.5.1 code base (and CVS code) but performance in some newer games is shockingly bad . Sam and Max and the non-LucasArts games are not really playable (slow or buggy) currently. I have just figured out tonight how (I think) to get it all to build using ARM ADS so if the performance claims are true that could lead to a healthy speed up of maybe even 5-8% over GCC . Other then that there are some fixes to the sound code, save code and a few general speedups/tweaks and little changes to the port, nothing too major. All the fixes that went into the core ScummVM engine from 0.3>0.5 are also in there (obvious really).As soon as I can get most games up to a playable speed then I intend to chuck a public beta and source out of the door. I don’t really see the point in releasing a version that is little better then what is already out (or in some cases much slower).I am also working on adding OGG (libTremor) and MP3 (libMAD) support to gpScumm but a number of issues make that quite slow going, namely the lack of memory on the GP32 and the CPU cycles required to decode the MP3/OGG stream and the fact that fmOPL (the engine ScummVM uses for AdLib synthesis) is a CPU hog on the GP32 making it very hard to get game, MIDI and MP3 or OGG working in the 133MHz speed limit. I have no problem with overclocking but I am dammed if you will have to overclock the program just to get it to work . Also, the fact that I am really not that good a programmer does not help . I am fairly sure I?ll get it working in the end (I have some great offers of help) but don?t hold your breath.