On the behalf of the PDRoms-Team, we wish you a happy new year!Thank you for reading and supporting PDRoms with your visits. A big thank you also go out to hundrets of active hombrew developers, who spend hours of work to bring us free console and handheld entertainment, far away from the commercial market.This year has been a hughe boost for homebrews. PDRoms exists since 1998 and provides regular news since 2002. The past 7 years (yes, we missed to celebrate that) we never had so many news than in this year, 2005. Specialy this month, December 2005, with over 350 news was a very busy one. Basicly the PSP scene and now the GP2x scene were responsible for this massive boost in the homebrew scene.Unfortunatly we can not launch the new PDRoms page with 1st January 2006, but prepare for a lot of new features and a new layout within the next weeks.Good luck, take care and see you in 2006 :)Kojote / Founder&Webmaster&Official News-SlaveKedo / Newsposter support