A600 who already did the one or other game port is presenting a port of Hexen today, called Hexen32. Hexen is a 3D Ego-Shooter with smaller puzzle elements. Here is the readme:

Hexen32 ported by A600 using chui’s SDL libraries Copy all files and folders included in the zip to /gpmm/ (use hexen+.fxe if you have a BLU+)Free wads for Hexen can be downloaded here:http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/pc/games/idgames/levels/hexen/Wads must be copied to gpmm/hexen. Don’t use the 1.0 version of the full game (20.128.392 bytes) because there are some problems with it. Use instead 1.1 or 1.2 (20.083.672 bytes) versions.There are 8 levels of gamma correction and 10 levels of brightness. (Video options menu)The settings for the selector menu are stored in gpmm/hexen/cfg/wads.cfg. DON’T DELETE THIS FILE.The syntax is very easy:[name displayed] = [commandline options]For example, the wads.cfg included:#Hexen wadsHexen = Death Kings of the Dark Citadel = -file hexdd.wadCaldera = -file caldera.wadCentromere = -file cent092b.wadChuxen: Beyond Hexen = -file chuxen.wadHexQuake = -file hexquake.wadThe Dark Portal = -file drkportl.wadUndermountain = -file black.wad -gpspeed 156You can choose the clockspeed with the command -gpspeed. Supported values are: 60 66 80 100 133 144 156 160 164 166. If you type a wrong value or don’t use it, the clockspeed is set to 133If the wads.cfg has only one entry, the menu isn’t displayed:#Hexen wadsHexen = CONTROLS:[UP] Move Forward / Navigate Menu[SELECT]+[UP] Look Up[SELECT]+[RSHOULDER]+[UP] Fly Up[DOWN] Move Backward / Navigate Menu[SELECT]+[DOWN] Look Down[SELECT]+[RSHOULDER]+[DOWN] Fly Down[LEFT] Turn Left[SELECT]+[LEFT] Select Previous Weapon[SELECT]+[RSHOULDER]+[LEFT] Select Previous Inv. Item[RIGHT] Turn Right [SELECT]+[RIGHT] Select Next Weapon[SELECT]+[RSHOULDER]+[RIGHT] Select Next Inv. Item[A] Use Weapon / Select Menu Option / [Y][SELECT]+[A] Map Follow mode on/off[B] Use Object (doors, button,…) / Back to the prev menu[SELECT]+[B] Gamma Correction[START] Use Inv. Object / Select Menu Option / [ENTER] / [Y][SELECT]+[START] [ESCAPE][SELECT]+[RSHOULDER]+[START] Map[LSHOULDER] Turn always strafe on/off[SELECT]+[LSHOULDER] Turn always run on/off[SELECT]+[RSHOULDER]+[LSHOULDER] Look forward (center view)[RSHOULDER] Jump-A600-