In most parts of the world you would say “One man, one word”.

Unfortunatly this does not apply to Wraggster of DCemu, a page which is well known, so it does not need more hotlinking…

Let me quote something Wraggster wrote on GBAtemp ( ):

Quote from Wraggster:

Congrats Costello on a great comp, any comp for the Homebrew community is always a great event and getting backing of multi national sites is great too, i speak for the rest of the staff at DCEmu and say we support 100% these comps (i dont do comps, too much bloody hassle 😉

I and many other homebrew fans out there wonder, why Wraggster still did not mention Brakken’s ongoing Wii Coding Competition (located here: ) on DCemu”s main page.

Is it just because he points out true things in the public, about Wraggster and DCemu, such as I did in the past?