iR Commander is an Infra-Red Universal Remote Control software for Playstation Portable. It allows you to control various home appliances and other infra-red based equipments. It’s implementation is based on CIR (Consumer IR), not IrDA. Thus, it will not allow you to communicate with your laptop via IrDA for information exchange. CIR is typically used among most home appliances and electronic equipments with IR wireless remote controls, such as TVs, VCRs, DVDs, Projectors, etc.

The current version of iR Commander does not allow your PSP to directly learn another remote control unit by pointing at it. Instead, it uses the most popular IR code available on the net, Pronto Hex Code. By copying the Pronto Hex Codes to your PSP, you can eventually turn your PSP into a Universal remote with support for over 6000 equipments.