iR Shell allows you to launch application (UMD games or homebrew) via it’s basic shell interface. The current version only multi-task between the launched application and the Shell/iR Commander. You switch task by pressing the the hotkey (Left Trigger+Select). For example, you launched a UMD game from iR Shell, playing through half of it, switch to iR Commander and change a TV channel, switch back to the UMD game and the game will resume at the point where you left.You can also choose to take screen snapshots on any UMD games or homebrew applications. Unlike other currently available snapshot tools, this one is highly compatible to most UMD games and homebrews. A Bitmap graphics picture viewer is incorporated into the shell. Currently, it only supports 8bit or 24bit color with 480 x 272 resolutions only, ideal for viewing snapshots.The built-in iR Commander is an Infra-Red Universal Remote Control software. It allows you to control various home appliances and other infra-red based equipments. It has built-inIR codes (Pronto Hex Codes) for over 2000 devices. If you can’t find the one you need from the supplied IR codes, you can download additional codes from It has IR codes for over 6000 equipments. The iR Commander allow user defined remotes via RDF text files. It supports bitmap graphics and key macros.Future version of iR Shell will incorporate more built-in functions into the shell and allow you to task switch between them. For example, task switch between UMD game / Music Player / Video Player / iR Commander, etc.