As you can guess from the name, this is”Just Another Pain App(lication)”. It’s written in Lua and requires Lua-Player v0.15. Here are further notes:

My first LUA program…it’s a PAINT program…you can seriously get any color of the rainbow from this. At the bottom left of the screen shows your Red, Green, and Blue values (default 0). The top left shows your cursor speed. (default 64)The cursor color will be the color that comes out when you press X (combination of R,G,B values)Controls:If you don’t feel like reading it all, press x, square, triangle, or circle with a combination of other buttons to figure out what they do.Analog = move around cursorX = draw with R, G, B valuesSquare = draw Red valuesTriangle = draw Green valuesCircle = draw Blue valuesR + X = background color changes to R, G, B colorR + Square = background color changes to Red valueR + Triangle = background color changes to Green valueR + Circle = background color changes to Blue valueR + Left/Right = decrease/increase brush sizeL + X = reset cursor speed (default 64)L + R = reset cursor to center of screenL + Square = sets Red value to 255 or 0 (depending on which it is at)L + Triangle= sets Green value to 255 or 0 (depending on which it is at)L + Circle = sets Blue value to 255 or 0 (depending on which it is at)Square + Up/Down = increase red value by 10Triangle + Up/Down = increase green value by 10Circle + Up/Down = increase blue value by 10Square + Left/Right = increase red value by 1Triangle + Left/Right = increase green value by 1Circle + Left/Right = increase blue value by 1Up/Down = increase/decrease cursor speed