KaylaKaze released a simple basic game for the PS2. If you bored you might want to check it out. Here is what the coder says:

This is a demo I write over the last 5 hours (or so) to demonstrate the text mode of the API I’m working on (I haven’t gotten the graphics or sound of the API really started yet). Anyway, this is a fully playable (as far as my limited testing shows) version of Yahtzee. Let me know of any graphical problems to help me troubleshoot the API for PAL systems.One bug I know about, at least for me, in the config screen, I can’t change video mode from auto. All the code is there to do it but it just doesn’t work.Oh, there’s no readme or anything but you should be able to figure it out. This isn’t meant to be a major release so there’s no special features and it’s not too user friendly but it’s still playable if you’re bored.