This is a port of KETM, an fast paced Tyrian style 2D shooter. Changes:

– added explosions when plane is hit- increased the transparency level during the invinsibility period- new enemy ( GROUNDER ) and objects BGPANEL/BGPANEL2 added.sample definition:00100|6|GROUNDER|200032Last parameter is the x,y coordinates in format x*1000+ysecond parameter is the downscroll speed (5 = bg speed)- added all sprites to”pre-loader”about 10 sprites were missing in v.8, and that caused minor hickups during the inital run of the levels.- slightly changed AI and atacking patterns of some enemies- changed the shield size for the plane to smaller and more realistic size..- level4- added the ending/bonus level.- high scores are saved now- added in-game messages fade-out- better difficulty settings (the game is made easier on”EASY”setting- removed some debugging stuff