Kitty Book Portable is a textreader for the PSP. Changes:

  • pls. note: songti.ttf has problem displaying english and numbers when using size 11. (install it to Wnidows/fonts, the name is”unisun”, you will see the problem in your textedit tool, like ultraedit) But 12 is fine.
  • english word related bug in 16 dots font fixed.
  • Some Chinese display bugs fixed.
  • Page turning logic enhanced again.
  • Power saving logic enhanced. Some people complained that when he wanna quit the app and press , it’s just too slow. This time I have opened a window for users want to quit quickly: Please exit to Main Window or to File Explorer Before you Press . ( quick) Otherwise, if you press when reading books( in the readingwindow) it takes about 2 seconds to quit. ( slow )
  • Draw English and HanZi better.