Image provided by: MauloKlimt for GP32 is a port of Klimt, a 3D graphics library for mobile devices. The target of this port is to give the GP32 the ability to work with 3D graphics using the popular API OpenGL, which Klimt does indeed implement.Klimt was originally developed for small handheld devices (PocketPC, Smartphone, …) but with enough math and horsepower to process 3D graphics operations. Many of these devices have a lot in common with the GP32 (ARM9 processor, 8 MB of RAM, …) so porting Klimt to the GP32 seemed doable and obvious.Klimt for GP32 relies heavily in Mr.Mirko’s SDK replacement and in a cross-compiling to ARM environment based on GCC and another free tools. As the software in which it’s based, Klimt for GP32 is entirely free software, released and protected by the GPL license.