Hello everyone, for those who care, I am still alive 😉

The past days have been a pure pain pleasure, but with the help of painkillers I am temporary almost back to normal, which also allows me to post a little bit now.

I try to keep up with the news and grab all releases from the past few days. I hope that Pocket PC, Atari 2600, Coleco Vision , Wii and GP2x releases are up to date now. Special thanks to kedo and poqako for posting the GP2x releases (you guys could help more, not only when I am sick ;). Hipp Hipp Hooray for kedo and poqako! Thanks again!

There were also a bunch of people wishing me all the best, thanks for that too – I really didn’t count with something like that.

The webboard ( //phpbb/index.php ) was updated to phpBB v3.0.1 yesterday, which was a true pain – but everything should work 100% again.

News updates for iPhone, Nintendo DS, etc… will follow a little bit later. It takes some time to gather the information from five days of absence 😉

As of PDRC #3.99 – We are still waiting for one judge to sent in his results, I hope results will be finally out by Sunday night or Monday morning. Of course every contestant will get a sperate e-mail in time then.

Now sit back and enjoy reading the backlog 😉


PS: Starting on 1st May 2008 we might have a new sponsor from Switzerland (Hi Mauro… ;). This will help us to hopefully fully or partitially cover the server costs.