I’ve alread written something on friday, but rather in a hurry than giving details.

I love to ride my bike, but sometimes things happen, which makes it less enjoyable. A car collided with my bike. As I was pretty much under shock the first minutes (it could have been much worse) things started to hurt and I’ve been to hospital already twice now. They gave me a checkup and found multiple contusions in different areas of my body.

Everything hurts a lot now and I “enjoy” taking two different types of painkillers at the moment after each few hours.

Actually I can not sit too much and also staying in horizontal position isn’t comfortable.

The good part is… the doctor said I should be back to normal in up to three weeks. Well let’s see how long painkillers will be my friend… btw they don’t work proper anyway… just minor reducing the pain, but hey… better than nothing I guess.

I try to keep up with the news tonight, but no promise on that.