Mr. Spiv just let me know about his oldskool intro which shows off some advanced LCD raster tricks. Heres some info about it:

    – 100Hz screen mode- everything runs at 50fps- 255 simultaneous colors for graphics (8 bits mode)- 320 simultaneous colors for the background- 2 independent playfields with transparency and shrinking&stretching&scrolling capabilities- 3 DMAs feed data to LCD registers- everything is clocked with timer driven DMAs- 1 interrupt per frame (vblank)- 3840 bytes of data needs to be moved per frame to do all effects- No SDK- no overclocking (all HCLK, PCLK and FCLK are within legal limits)

Looks very nice so be sure to check it out via Mr. Spivs homepage at, dont forget to read the readme (linked on the homepage) which contains more information on the intro and also what the buttons do.