I just wrote an email to the guys at Epitech Game Development Labaratory, read on, it will be self explaining:

Dear Ladies, Dear Gentlemen

I am very addicted to homebrew software, like the ones located on your page ( http://labconsole.epitech.net/index.php ). Due to research I know you had some GBA homebrew’s like

Bibibobo (Alpha) (GBA Game), or
Bomber Royale (GBA Game) on your page (both from 2002).

While checking your page, I can’t localize them anymore – I wonder if there are more “projects” for consoles or handhelds which have disappered from your page or actually never made it to the page itself.

I also recognized there are quite few “Dreamcast” games, which were never released but mentioned as “project”

Could you please assist me in finding such lost treasures, in case they can be made freely available to the public, made by your students?

You would do the homebrew scene a big favor! Thanks a lot and waiting for answer 🙂

Shahzad Sahaib

The page also contains a hand full of GBA games which I have never seen before, considering I follow the GBA scene since it’s beginning in 2001, it’s pretty crazy 🙂

You can discuss about this in the PDRoms webboard.