Lua Player is a lua script player for the Sony PSP. Changes:

v0.10========== – Added the”Bitwise operators and hexadecimal support”patch from : – Hexadecimal support for 0xXXX in numeric literals. – Hexadecimal support for ‘xXX’ characters within strings. – Infix bitwise operators for AND (&), OR (|) and XOR (#). – Unary bitwise negation using # alone. [Shine] – Changed the number type to float (more than 4 times faster calculations) (requires recompilation of the lua libraries from svn) [Shine] -“save”function writes PNG format now [Shine] – Restructured files into src/ [Nevyn] – Changed the main script file to System/system.lua [Nevyn] – Rewrote the Makefiles and readmes to be more user-friendly. [Nevyn] – Changed startup load sequence (see the lua dev readme) [Nevyn] – Made a procedure for making standalone LP apps [Nevyn] – keyboard mapping fixed in PC version [Shine] – bitmask operations added in controls class [Shine] – added battery functions to System – os.time() returns a userdata instead of a number because of problems with the float-precision, so you have to use os.difftime instead of doing calculations with the result