Shine has updated Lua-Player for the PSP. Lua is a scripting language, which allows easy coding of own games. Changes:

v0.11(all changes for this version by Shine)

  • Added System.md5sum and filelist.txt debug ouput on startup failure in boot.lua
  • changed case sensitivity handling in boot.lua for problems with Windows 98
  • now Image.createEmpty accepts 512×512 pixel sizes
  • internal image width and height needs not to be the same size
  • max image size can be 512×512 now (larger are not allowed with GU blit)
  • System.sioInit, sioWrite and sioRead implemented for serial port support (see and for information about the hardware interface)
  • new Timer class and System.sleep function
  • fixed timezone bug
  • moved Starfield and SIO Echo example to Applications