Dear visitors,

some of you out there might have recognized our almost two day long downtime.

Unfortunatly one of our newer software packs were in need of the latest kernel, so we had no chance to avoid the update. Updating a running operating system isn’t really great, but for now almost all “visible” and “technical” issues should be resolved.

Beside fresh software PDRoms has recieved minor bugfixes, which probably wont even be recognized, but were really necessary 🙂 If you find any malfunction, please let us know by contacting us (link below).

Thanks for comming back 😉
Kojote, kedo & celeth

PS: PDRoms is having free ad slots, so if you run a company and if you are interested, let us know. You’ll be helping us in paying the server and domain fees. Almost any kind of offers are discussable – instead of money we could also take items 😉