GameBoy Book Reader allows you to make a text file into a book which you can read on the GameBoy or GameBoy Advance. You need to program the .GB or .GBA file produced onto a suitable FLASH memory cartridge.

Makebook V4.5 has been a long time in the making. Adding a MIDI file-playing capability has involved a steep learning curve. This first release with MIDIs will simply allow a MIDI to be played on clicking a link. Further releases will allow MIDIs to be specified as background music to chosen sections of the book.The player uses wave table synthesis and includes a preset selection of sampled instruments to provide an authentic sound.The ‘Exit to Shell’ function provides a better experience with shell programs such as Pogoshell.Hebrew support mainly involved a right to left text ability. This was quite quick to add (about 2 hours). V4.5 also includes new ‘combining characters’ necessary for hebrew ‘pointing’.A further new feature is to automatically select a display font in the Windows application based on the language of the text file being processed. If your computer has the font for that language installed you will see the text in the correct form.