Franxis has updated his MAME (Multiple Arcarde Machine Emulator) for the GP2x. Changes in this release:

  • Hardware video scaling / stretching in horizontal and vertical mode (faster). – Screen is updated now with a single video buffer (faster).
  • Added 20 new romsets from MAME 0.35b3 (total supported games now is 1083!): Breywood (breywood), Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (World) (dino), Capcom World 2 (Japan) (cworld2j), Captain Silver (csilver), The Real Ghostbusters (3 player) (ghostb3), Gondomania (gondo), Last Mission (Rev 5) (lastmss2), Last Mission (Rev 6) (lastmiss), Mekyo Sensi (mekyosen), Muscle Bomber Duo (Japan) (mbomberj), Muscle Bomber Duo (World) (mbomber), Punisher (Japan) (punishrj), Punisher (World) (punisher), Quiz&Dragons (Japan) (qadj), Quiz&Dragons (US) (qad), Shackled (shackled), Slam Masters (World) (slammast), Super Real Darwin (srdarwin), Tenchi o Kurau 2 (Japan) (wofj), Warriors of Fate (World) (wof).
  • Added 2 new romsets from MAME 0.35b8: Tumble Pop (bootleg set 1) (tumblep) and Tumble Pop (bootleg set 2) (tumblep2).
  • Graphics fixed in Three Wonders (MAME 0.35b3 and MAME 0.35b6).
  • Speed fixed in Psycho Nicks Oscar (MAME 0.35b3).
  • Added a new frontend graphic skin created by Sike.
  • New clrmame.dat created by [MaD] updated up to MAME GP2X 1.5.