Franxis has released a new version of his MAME emulator for the GP32. Changes made :

  • TheGrimReaper: Option to save/load High Scores on SMC.
  • TheGrimReaper: Improvement in controls for Hypersports, Track&Field, Bank Panic, Centipede, Pinball Action, Speed Ball, Reactor.
  • TheGrimReaper: Some improvements in the frontend.
  • Franxis: More optimizations and improvements in sound core. Similar sound quality than MAME GP32 1.3 (it got worse in 1.4 and 1.5).
  • Franxis: Decreased executables size due to CPU emulators selectivelly loaded in each of executables. Nice speed improvement :-).
  • Franxis: Video Core selection: New Gfx Core (v1.5) or Old Gfx Core (v1.3). Use Old core to solve problems with some games.
  • Franxis: Internal change: Vector games are now in a different executable (mvector.fxe).
  • Franxis: Removed some games available in frontend list my mistake but not really emulated (Paper Boy, Championship Sprint, etc).