Franxis has updated his MAME emulator port for the GP32. Changes are :

  • Added Cyclone M68000 ARM ASM core. Developed by Dave and some bugs fixed by Reesy and Notaz. Version 0.0080 released by Notaz. Thank you all!. This means big speed boost in M68000 games: Snow Bros, Karnov, Gauntlet, etc. Thanks also to Una-i for his help compiling Cyclone.
  • New supported games: Rastan (ok), Rastan Saga (ok) and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (gfx errors).
  • Alignment optimizations added in next cores: I8039, I86, M6808, M6809.
  • Internal change: M68000 games are now in a separated executable (m68000.fxe).