Franxis has updated his MAME port for the GP32. This release is dedicated to TheGrimReaper, Mark and Maria. Changes are :

  • TheGrimReaper: Frontend improvements. Access to new options screen pressing START+SELECT simultaneously: Delete ROMs, reset configuration and high scores files, re-assign controls, adjust analog controls sensitivity, update available game list, etc.
  • TheGrimReaper: Improvements in the game options screen. All options are changed with the joypad.
  • TheGrimReaper: New options are available to change underclock/overclocking for emulated processors and audio CPUs. Depending on the game, decreasing more CPU clocks gives a nice speed improvement. Play with these options 🙂
  • TheGrimReaper: Control improvements in Battle Zone.
  • TheGrimReaper: Sprites corrected in Nibbler and Fantasy.
  • Franxis: Accurate sound option added. Sound is better but emulation is slowed. It disables some speed hacks in the sound library.
  • Franxis: Minor optimizations and source code cleaned up.