After a few small updates I managed to do a bigger one. I’m still under pressure (work & real life) but who cares 🙂 Enjoy the new stuff…

…ah, before I forget! I finally found a new sponsor! I’m affilated with gamegizmo.com now (see the banner on the top of the page). Check out their quality products for consoles and handhelds (Development/Backup Units, Mod Chips and more…), but now the update report:

Gameboy AdvanceAdditions
3d BSP Viewer by Andrew H Cox
Arkanoid Beta 2.8 by Ducker
Magic Floor v1.0 by Martin Korth
Pimple Demo by limaCAT
Viroid by Andrew H Cox

GP32 Additions
GPMine v0.1 by Valken Lee
GPSpeccy v0.06 by ZardozJones
GPVGB v0.07 by ZardozJ & Tylor
Tetris for GP32 v0.1 by ?
Wicked by Mr Spiv

Arcade Additions
Neo No Panepon (Beta 7th July 2002) by Blastar

Neo Geo Pocket Color Additions
Anime by Raneko
Barbarian Invaders v1.01 by Chris Ahchay
Bitmap Mode Demo by Chris Ahchay
Blocks by Ivan Mackintosh
Centipede by Roger Bacon
Chaos89 by Charles Doty
Columns by Thor
CPU Test 1 by Judge_
Drawing Primitives by Thor
GIQ Export Sample by Raneko
Hi Colour by Fuz
Jumpy by Monkey Heeded Software
Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator by Jeff Frohwein
Mr. Do v1.0 by Chris Ahchay
NeoGeo Clock Demo by Jeff Frohwein
Shufflepuck Cafe (Beta 1) 12-13-01 by Loic Julien
Shufflepuck Cafe (Beta 2) 02-14-02 by Loic Julien
Snake v1.1 by Ivan Mackintosh
SOD Chess v1.02 by Thor
Starfield (Array Test) by Roger Bacon
Syko War by Mike Kasprzak