There are new consolegames entered into the Minigame 2003 Coding Competition. In detail:Nintendo (NES)Boxboy by Neal TewBoxBoy is an action puzzle game. By controlling four separate characters, arrange the moving boxes in the correct order before they drop off the screen. Starts out slow, but picks up speed quickly. Have fun!Atari 2600Gunfight by Manuel Polik…It’s shoot-out time and you’ve got to be faster than your opponent or the computer. Move, dodge, or hide behind a covered wagon or cactus. But whatever you do, don’t waste your time because your opponent is shooting back. Take your position, aim, and fire before he gets you…Warring Worms by Billy EnoWarring Worms is like an advanced and expanded version of the classic game Surround. While avoiding walls, each worm can shoot a cannon that will destroy a single block on the playing field, or kill the opposing worm. There are eight starting playfields, a single player and two player mode, hostile environment games, wrap around games and every combination of those possible with a total of 256 game variations in all! This version is set to a good 1 player mode as the default, be sure to set the left difficulty to advanced for full speed!