Infantile Paralysiser has updated his shell for the Nintendo DS. Changes he made are :

When the lid is closed, the backlight is turned off. (Thanx SaTa.)The bug that other kinds become abnormal if ADPCM is played is corrected.The readme file of English, Russia, and Japanese was bundled. (Thanx Kir and zubiac.)setting item added [Boot]:hiddenAboutWindow//hiddenHelpWindow/hiddenDateTimeWindow(window is hidden.)setting item added [System]:FullScreenOverlaySubScreen(that displays overlay video on top screen.)dmvenc.exe The option of ‘Upper and lower reversing(Vertical Swap?)’ is added.The bug to which MP3 cannot have done seek is corrected.Other small bugs are corrected.However, the bug that penetrated with the full-screen video was not reconciled. It investigates continuously. translates Manual, and I get a lot of advice.want to do the maximum thanks to everybody in the gbadevs forum….THANKS!!but. The update stop is done for a while.Of course, the bug is another.sorry. dears.