Infantile Paralysiser’s shell for the Nintendo DS comes close to a v1.0 release. Changes:

Version 0.99 2006/02/01Change point for high priority.The file information window was displayed by NSF/BMP/Jpeg/MOD/SPC/WAV/MP3/DPG/OGG.The setup program was added.The backlight was turned off automatically when there was no input.The file name was sorted.The shuffle list was added.The user interface has been improved. The click noise has decreased a little.Capacity unlimitation of the text viewer. (The maximum number of lines are 262144.)The next tune selection processing. NormalPowerOff and ShufflePowerOff was added.Change point for multi language.MS100(UTF-8) and CP949 were added to the language set.readme.txt of Finnish was added. (Thanks Xtreme)readme.txt of Swedish was added. (Thanks Mithos)EXFS(EXtendFileSystem for FlashCart) was made to store the Unicode long file name.Change point for settings.The configuration environmental files was made to read from the media that recognized automatically.SoundVolume was added to the [System] section. It is a volume initial value.WhenX was added to the [BacklightTimeout] section.DefaultSongLength was added to the [SPCPlugin] section. It is standard sec when there is no TAG.The skin function was added. (Please refer to the SkinSample folder.)A color setting and a window positional setting were read from skin.ini.Change point for plug-in.for DPG. The synchronization of the audio and movie has been improved.for DPG. The bug that stopped in 12 minutes was corrected.for NSF. When it is a no sound for three seconds. it ends.for SPC. When it is a no sound for three seconds. it ends.for OGG. The bug to which the seek bar was not refreshed was corrected.for Text. The bug to which the number of lines display of the title bar was not updated was corrected.Change point for inside.The bug to which The soft power off did not function when the cap was shut was corrected.The touch panel acquisition code was updated to”touch.c,v 1.13 2006/01/12 11:13:55 wntrmute Exp”. (Thanks for”Touchscreen accuracy… again”forum members.)The touch panel coordinates were smoothed.When media were moved while reading the stream, the stopping bug was corrected. (IMFS->MPCF,MPCF->GBFS etc.)