MoonShell recieves another update. Changes:

Version 0.999 2006/02/14The FAT library was updated to gba_nds_fat_2006-02-09. (very very thanks Chishm)MagicKey2/3 was supported. (Please refer to forMagicKey/readme.txt)A small bug to shuffle was corrected. (Thanks 681)The maximum reduction rate of the image has been improved from 65% to 50%.MP3Plugin:A reactive speed of the seek operation has been improved.DPGPlugin:’mpeg1-audio-layer-2′ can be used for the audio codec.DPGPlugin:Going up to 400% of the volumes other than movie can be done.DPGPlugin:A synchronous problem was solved.dpgenc:The mode to be able to acquire the audio by using mencoder or ffmpeg was added.