Hando over at GP32 X-Treme also had a look on ryleh’s latest piece of work which is a MAME port for the GP32 (unreleased yet). Hando offers a couple of other screenshots which GP32emu didn’t had.

As promised yesterday, some more info about M.A.M.E. for GP based on 0.66 sources. More than 20 games is supported, mostly Sega System 1. Emulation speed deppends on game. Actually all titles except Time Pilot (quite slow) are very playable. Emulator supports zipped roms, what is great feature if we consider that oeriginal MAME supports more than 3000 games. Of course GP32 wont handle even a half of them, but even than those supported games will took a lot of space. There is no chance fo public release because at current stage author is concentrating on emulator core, than he will start to add support for more games. As everyone knows, MAME sources are one big mess, so we have to be patient. A lot of works is still to do. But despite of this, Rlyeh has made a really great job so far.