NeoCD/PS2 is a open source NeoGeo CD emulator running on the Sony Playstation 2. It is a port of NeoCD/SDL, the excellent NeoGeo CD emulator by Foster. Since there is actually no SDL library on the PS2, all SDL portions have been removed and replaced by PS2″native”libraries (using PS2SDK). The NeoCD/PS2 source code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Third beta release of the CDDA release !


– MoreCDDA fixes
– Fixed/added auto-loop feature (CDDA)
– (re)Fixed missing sfx in aerofighters 2 (and maybe others)
– Fixed most Buzzing noise cases
– drive now stop spinning when CDDA is set to OFF

Yes, for those who noticed, this version is the 0.6c, and not 0.6b.

The 0.6b version has been released in the neocd forum only, Why ? because… I was too lazy to update the site ? or It was a vip version reserved to people visiting the forum ? 😉

Both binary and sources are available in the download section.