evilo ported NeoPop, a great Neo Geo Pocket (Color) emulator over to the Playstation 2. The port is based on sources of NeoPop v0.71. Unfortunately, due to timing constraints and the line based emulation, the emulator is not running at fullspeed, however games are playable at a correct speed. Also sound emulation is not always perfect and this due to not fullspeed emulation.

Current features :- High compatibility (identical to the original version)- PAL/NTSC auto-detection- Nice GUI (IMHO!)- Host / CD / MC support- HDD support (roms can be loaded from the hdd)- Ingame menu (for options)Current Issues: – Emulation is not fullspeed- Sound Issues- For sure some bugs (first release so be kind!)To-do list: – Improve speed- Zip Support- Flash Support- Save State- Screenshot support (in the rom browser) version 0.10 binary :the zip comes with :- installation script for the Crystal Chip (Sponsors of the project)- two Public Domain roms – romlist.ini file example (for loading from host).Also, be sure to read the included readme. There is new license information from the free software foundation.

The release been made public on the PS2 Scene Forum’s. If you wish to see the original post you need to register there. A downloadlink from PDR can be found below.http://ps2-scene.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=97http://www.pdroms.de/file_details.php?fn=2481