Image provided by: Official HomepageWith the recent announcement of Grand Theftendo for the NES, which is going to be a Freeware remake of Grand Theft Auto, another team decided to pop up with their project!Snowbro and EFX are the both crazy guys, who come up with lot’s of interesting stuff, be sure to check their project page! A text, taken from their official homepage says:

This project was started over 5 years ago on a whim. Snowbro and EFX were sitting around talking about their favorite NES games. They mentioned how they had each wanted to make a NES game when they were young. They started messing with simple ideas and Snowbro began learning the basics for designing a game engine based on the NES architecture. Snowbro and EFX never really had a schedule that lent itself to working consistently on the project. Between work and school it seemed as though the project was destined for a continued dream. With Snowbro soon to graduate and EFX to be a father in April of 2005, we’re going to give our best effort to get this project to completion. With the recent news regarding another project we decided to come out of the woodwork and get some feedback on our game. We too are only offering screenshots and the Music NSF soundtrack to our game, but hopefully this will give us a sense enough to know if we are going in the right direction. We will be adding more content in the coming weeks so keep checking back. We are not currently seeking any help with the project but should that change we will state our needs and await responses.Please Let us know what you think! Submit a opinion and Vote for the project

Still amazing to see another project for the good old NES which will be avaliable for free! Good luck guys!