Here are a few lines from the official homepage:

For anyone who has been wondering, I have not abandoned NesterGP. I still plan to release new verions. First, I must find free time in order to work on it. All previous releases were done in a mad frenzy. Anything in my life that I could put on hold, I did. I’m like that; all or nothing. Not to mention that the last version of LittleJohn really blew me away. The reason I decided to port Nester in the first place was because the NES emulators at the time weren’t up to par. That doesn’t hold true anymore. Nevertheless, I still feel an obligation to finish what I started. I do have new projects that I am working on and plan to divide my time between them and NesterGP. Be patient and good things will happen.On another note, I have made my decision as to the winner of the splash screen competition. Unfortunately for everyone but me, no one will know who the winner is until I release the next version. Also, someone pointed out that Nester is under the GPL meaning that I have to release the source to NesterGP.I wasn’t planning on doing this until I felt my work was done but I guess I have no choice. So expect the source to the most recent version to be released within a few days. When that happens, perhaps someone out there with more time will carry the project farther than I can right now. Who knows?