The 3rd Third Creation competition (PS2 Coding) is over! Five entries were released, and also added to pdroms 🙂 The 4th competition has been announced, and it’s deadline has been set to August the 1st at 24:00 GMT.

Playstation 2 Additions
1FX by SkeetBeginning by Zero-X
Boredom by Tyranid
Cube Mastah by Jules
Plasma Dreams by adresd

Gameboy Advance Additions
Berzerk Legends AI Demo by BigRedPimp
Berzerk Legends Early Gameplay Demo August 2001 by BigRedPimp
Berzerk Legends Random Level Demo by BigRedPimp
Berzerk Legends Scoring Demo by BigRedPimp
GBA Demo 1 by Cerini Pablo
GBA Mu Torere v1.06 by Paolo Borzini