Gameboy Advance
Attack On Outer Space by Josh Chudnovsky
Bibibobo (Alpha Version) by Epitech Console Laboratory
Blob v1.0 by Jean-Francois Deverge
Bomber Royale by Epitech Console Laboratory
Pacoman (Beta 2002-10-03) by Taiyou
Scrolling Text by Taiyou
Sonyc by Manuel Pazos (Thanks to BBS for the file!)
SplamSID v1.0 by Pete Dabbs

Gameboy Color
Elemental Fighter (5-17) by Skyrank Games
PaZeek GBC by Skyrank Games
Puzzle Sky by Par J. (Thanks to the author for sending the file)
Rumble and Tumble EARLY BETA (5-17) by Skyrank Games
Turbo RC Racing by Skyrank Games

Playstation 2
242 by adresd
Flatline by TyRaNiD
Mona Lisa by NoRecess