Atari 2600
DUP Space Invaders by Ron Corcoran
QB v2.15 by Andrew Davie

Incredible Technologies (6809) Demo by Charles Doty
Mine Sweeper by Mawura
Neo Geo CD Demo by Charles Doty
Taito F3 Demo by Richard Bush

Gameboy Advance
NMOD Player v1 Beta by NEiM0D
Pacoman (FINAL) by Taiyou
TriPlay v1.0 by Sammy Fatnassi
Viracide v1.01 by The Letter M

Gameboy Color
SOS by R-Lab
Star Heritage FINAL by R-Lab
Wired by R-Lab

GP 32
GaPlaam32 v0.1 by Edhel
GPVGB v0.11 by ZardozJ and Tylor
Masterlator GP32 v0.01b by CHN
YapeSDL GP32 v0.32.2 by CHN