Gameboy AdvanceCaves and Batz by blaowFuerza Aerea v1.0 by mononoqueGRUB v1.0 by Ben StarkHergs Solitaire v0.9 by Harold TolerMines Advanced v1.2 by VortexPCEAdvance v4.0 by FluBBaPCM Driver Test v0.001 by Magic TouchPhloam by UniqueRaycaster Demo by Erik RoundsScrabble Dictionary by Rob BlandingSpace Invaders by fjsantosTetris (29 May 2003) by Choopan RattanapokaTetris GBA v1 by Michael El-BakiThe Nomad II -Trapped- v1.0.1 (Full Version) by Alex MarkleyThis Is A Simple Font Test (DMA Text) by LupinTic Tac Toe v0.01 by Michael IedemaToonboy GBA by Drew MedinaWizard by AlexGame Park 32 (GP32)B3 v0.1a by TailzoneBouncing Bill 2 v0.1 by FeeblezCaSTaway GP v12.1 by Jeff MitchellGPBlocks v1.0 by Andreas GustafssonGPPang v0.82 by Michel LouvetLittle John GP32 v0.1 by YoyoMemoritron32 by MetelliusMr. Monar v0.1 by TailzoneNesterGP v1.0 by Scherzosnes9xgp v0.95b by Snes9xGP TeamSpeccyal K v0.5b by TyrellxRick (GP32) v1.2 by Anders Granlund and SDW