Finally there is a Virtual Boy section. A hughe thanks toKR155Efor pushing me a couple of times… 🙂

Virtual BoyBlox v1.0 by KR155E, Simon by Pat Daderko, Tic Tac Toe by Pat Daderko, Tron VB by Pat Daderko, Virtual Pong by Alberto Covarrubias, Etch-A-Sketch by Pat Daderko, Framebuffer Drawing Demo by Pat Daderko, Glow Demo by KR155E, Hello World Demo v1.0 by Amos Bieler, Hello World Demo v1.1 by Amos Bieler, Mario Flying Demo by Frostgiant, Matrix by Cooler, OBJ Pointer Demo by Dan Bergman, Reality Boy Demo 1 by David Tucker, Reality Boy Demo 2 by David Tucker, Scaling Demo by Parasyte, Super Fighter Demo by KR155E, The Croach by Alberto Covarrubias, VB Rocks by KR155E, VeeBee Cursor Demo by David Williamson, Virtual-E Cursor Demo by Alberto CovarrubiasGamecubeBalls by now3DPlaystation 23D Mutha by Raizor, Aura for Laura by Soopadoopa, Blabla by NippY, Colosseum by Nicola, Forms by adresd, Go For It by Djhuevo, Good Bye by NoRecess, Lion Extra by Lion, Stop Gap by Raizor, The Poor Demo by Kalir, VU Competition Harness v0.9 by adresd