Dear visitors,

the homebrew scene is very active and so was PDRoms. In January 2008 we had over 630 news, which makes around 20 news daily.

It’s a great feeling to see so many people putting their love and effort into homebrew. As usual the major news were for Playstation Portable, iPhone, Nintendo DS and GP2x. Android is still lurking in a corner and waiting to break out.

Another amazing thing, PDRoms has gained more and more attention these days, which makes everyone of the team really happy and motivated. We will try to improve even more, but of course we can not do this alone. We need helping hands. Tell your friends about PDRoms, help spreading the word about homebrew and let’s try to grow together.

PDRoms is still a non commercial project, unless other pages who pretend to help homebrewers, but make a decent amount of money by posting lots of hardware review gossips with hidden affilation links and tons of banners. Of course we understand everyone who tries to get his costs back, so did we severall times in the past by displaying one or maximum two banners from time to time (currently none) – but everything has it’s limits and luckily everyone is having his own mind, to sort out the good and bad buddies.

Our current “Thank you” to the scene is the PDRoms Coding Competition #3.99, which is located here:

Some more surprises are comming up the next week, so stay tuned!

Kojote & Team