Our scene friends at Nintendomax wrote a few words about news plagitarism in the homebrew scene. Use a translator of your choice and go over it. The original french article is linked.

After the initial step of PDRoms to route our visitors to one of our very own “special” friends, as sign of silent protest, someone could say that most of the other sites covering homebrew should be entering a state of changing and understanding, sadly this isn’t the fact.

If you spend hours and hours looking for news manually or even with automized tools, which still require you to feed it with data, the least you can expect is a proper crediting as a small thank you.

Most scene pages don’t earn a single dollar and their staff works for free to bring you an appropriate service.

As people would say in a webboard: “Don’t feed the trolls!” – So go on, make your own opinion and decide your steps. We are not telling you to do anything, it must be really a decision of your heart.