Dear visitors,

First of all, thanks for all the wishes and congrats for the “new” webmaster 😉 The past few days were really an interesting expirience, after all you don’t get father every day 🙂

Also thanks Brakken and Guyfawkes, who even posted about this on their main pages, I and my wife are really happy – and of course our baby too. I will try to get back on everyone, I’ve seen a thread on and probably other pages too… Just allow me some time to respond, it’s hard to catch up and now there are additional important matters than homebrew 🙂

As I have no idea how much spare time will be left from my side, the news might slow down, or I manage the additional work and nothing will change. Time will tell!

Again thanks for all the wishes!

– Kojote & wife & baby 🙂

PS: For those who asked, it’s a baby boy.