Nexis updated his NeoPop port for the PSP. NeoPop/ngPSP is a Neo Geo Pocket (Color) emulator. Changes:

  • .) Speed improvements (listed below).
  • — Some games are now running at 30-35 FPS with a frameskip of 1 (at 333Mhz).
  • — Puzzle Link 2 now runs at 45-60 FPS with a frameskip of 4 (at 333Mhz).
  • .) Allow for a few instruction runs before checking timmers/triggers (vblank&interupts).
  • .) Added in a faster FETCH8 by making a special case mem read to check the rom space first.
  • .) Added a Load24 and write24 to mem.c to speed up the fetch24 function.
  • .) A color bug in B&W games was fixed.
  • .) Added a key configuration menu (button config is saved to memstick).