Image provided by: ChronoDKChronoDK has released a work in progress/demo of his game Ninja Scream. He explicitly asks for FEEDBACK so please tell him your opinion if you have time. Other release notes:

I’m working on a game which is called Ninja Scream (right now), and would like to get some comments and ideas for it.

You can download the demo here, and also read a bit about what is planned so far.

In short the current demo allows you, as the ninja sensei, to walk around the map (use the touchscreen) asking, via the microphone, ninja students to join you (I like to scream NINJAAA), and then, after they have joined, you can find a panda and ask a ninja student to mount it (I like to scream MOUNT!). The speech recognition is really really simple at the moment – you can say anything, and the game will just guess what it is. Be sure to look at the student you are talking to though, or he wont hear you.

Comments very welcome 🙂

Oh, and the L-button is used for throwing shurikens.