Martin Korth updated his genious emulator/developmenttool NO$GBA to v2.0a. The changes:

29th September 2004 – version 2.0a– debug: fix: shutdown message immediately even if 1st/traced opcode at emu_run- cartload: memorizes recent cartnames last 9 shown in windows version file-menu- bios: bugfix: softreset by 80×86 code switches from thumb state to arm state- debug: numeric expression decoder accepts uppercase hex/oct/bin in debugger- speedup: faster cpu_arit_add_flags emulation (and cmc-less cpu_arit_sub_flags)- debug: online assembler can create LDR=IMM if it finds match/fREE/blank memory- debug: online assembler can”edit”existing”ldr{cond} rd,=imm”pseudo opcodes- curious: help/ass/dis/emu: described/supported older retro ARMv1,2,3 versions- armv5: emulated all new/changed ARMv5TE opcodes (disabled in no$gba of course)- armv5: a22i/disassembler: (qadd/sub, mul16bit, cpsr.q, ldrd/strd/pld, vect.hi)- armv5: help: ARMv5TE (qadd/sub, mul16bit, cpst.q, ldrd/strd/pld, mcrr/mrrc)- debug: search menu with new quick-link goto-memory-area function (and goto pc)- bugfix: re-fixed flash backup writes (same ebx*8 bug as eeprom, thanks celebi)- armv5: a22i/disassembler: recognize new ARMv5 opcodes (bkpt,blx reg/imm,clz)- armv5: help: described new ARMv5 opcodes (bkpt, blx reg/imm, clz, copro.2)- armv5: help: described changed ARMv5 opcode behaviour (, pop/ldm/ldr.pc)- armv5: help: new chapter describes differences between ARMv1 through ARMv5- webpage: added notice needing help about sick debug info specifications- emudetail: accepts thumb BX opcode with reserved bits<>0 (suspicious warning)