Image provided by: GP32SpainSasq released the music player OldPlay for the GP2x. It plays classic music formats like MOD and SID. Thanks to GP32Spain for the news.

OldPlay is a music player that uses libsidplay1, modplug and UADE to play a multitude of classic music formats.

Sids are played using libsidplay1 (resid wouldnt work on gp2x) and so filter emulation is far from perfect.

Amiga formats uses UADE, which is based on UAE (The Amiga Emulator) and Eagleplayer. It takes quite a lot of CPU so the equalizer is automatically turned off when playing amiga formats. However, if you want to avoid stuttering on TFMX and other songs that require a bit more CPU, you can try overclocking (~250 should do it).

Oldplay also uses libzip to look inside zipfiles (which is almost a requirement when playing from HVSC).,0,0,0,6,1154