Release notes (Bablefish translation from french to english):

Hello everyone I present the project to you on which I bump for some time: a bookshop for PSP. It is a version alpha, i.e. it is there to test and say to me what does not go, and that it can change the whole to the whole from one version to another, you are warned. As its name indicates it (OldSchool Library), this bookshop will enable you to make pretty plays and demonstrations while benefitting from the power of the console. Moreover, the bookshop is completely accelerated in hardware, therefore finished the warblings after three sprites which are run afterwards! There is what to draw lines, rectangles, ranges with four corners, stretched images, in rotation, alpha-blend, etc. There are also functions of management of the joypad and analogical stick. The bookshop also includes a section its (not functional calculus for the moment since there is no loop, stop of its in progress, etc.) who can play of the sounds in ADPCM and PCM (wav), with the possibility of streamer the sounds since MemoryStick (but it is slow). The bookshop is written out of C history to be compatible with all the projects, but that makes it a little less practical. It is fast and does not take control on your application: it carries out well defined operations, a little as the basic functions which you must in any case write for the engine of your play. You can download it here: For the installation, modify the batch so that the following line points on the installation of cygwin: set CYGWINDIR=C:cygwin the distrib includes an example which makes it possible to make ravel a map with the stick, Start posts a message, cross plays a music and round a sound. Thank you in advance for your comments.